Tver Marina, RU
May 13, 2014
Jeddah Park, KSA
May 13, 2012

Exciting new facilities in lifestyle country homes including common landscaped areas, large windows, patios and balconies with panoramic views.

New Small Spasovo master-plan developed by the British company Benoy calls for approximately 88 villas in dedicated land parcels of around 1000 sq. mts each with exciting new facilities in the center of the lifestyle village.

The project expresses a new architecture style that combines the traditional Russian country home with contemporary elements which reflect the ideas of green architecture making as much use of the natural setting of the site while borrowing on the long traditions and culture of the Kaluga Region.

Small Spasovo is currently under development with approximately 10 agro villas delivered to clients and in the launch stage of the next villa portfolio with a new master-plan design by Benoy one of the global leaders in architectural mixed use lifestyle projects