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About DPRG

DPRG is a privately owned boutique investment company with well-diversified asset base, focused in the areas of real estate, hospitality, technology, alternative energy, innovative financial services, health care, museum rarity art & bronze, and leisure & entertainment;

  • Primary investment markets include UK, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Russia and CIS; DPRG maintains a well-disciplined investment policy in the key areas of its focus.
  • Strong management team in Nicosia, Cyprus and Moscow, Russia.
  • Fundamental value, long-term capital growth driven investment strategy in Real Estate brings adequate diversification across the board among various asset classes ranging from yield type commercial and street retail assets to high visibility centrally located real estate development projects. Significant Experience in Russian, Cyprus and UK markets with a number of successfully executed projects.
  • Strong relationships with European and Cypriot Banks – mainly working with Bank of Cyprus, Eurobank and RCB bank.
  • Key expertise to establish and accommodate private equity co-investment partnerships with industry leaders along with the agile ability to source new projects provides access to lucrative untapped investment opportunities and distressed assets in Cyprus, Greece, Balkans, UK, Spain, Switzerland and the US markets.

Our Mission

DPRG aims to promote global human comfort and traditional values by bringing, investments into wellness, life-style, sports, medical, educational, cultural, and techno projects, making people’s life healthier, happier and longer. DPRG strive to help people in various countries to find their professional, entrepreneurial and esthetical talents to spread out new products and services improving quality of day-to-day life. DPRG stays out of politics and ethically challenged industries, highly regarding clean environment for human prosperity, sober body and soul.

Your growth is our focus

Clients/Co-investors come to us for our ability to source, package and execute private equity transactions delivering double digit returns as well as manage liquidity in the interim. We focus on client/partner investment style, risk tolerance preferences and sector appetite to efficiently spend time and effort only bringing up suitable-custom tailored investment opportunities taking into account client specific operational conditions and financial constraints.

Helping you unlock the value: our industry track record says it all

Working with US

The value of integrity resonates throughout our whole organisation and is paramount to the way we go about our business.

DPRG always on a watch for the lucrative investable opportunities in both distressed assets niche and venture capital projects creating value added propositions for its partners and clients. DPRG private equity portfolio creates opportunities to co-invest for HNW Individuals, Family Offices and Institutional Investors actively deploying capital as LPs directly into private equity projects.

DPRG partner network and strong banking relationships provide various financing options (including mezzanine credit) for the Asset Owners in either liquidity constrain to continue as ongoing concern for their project/business or looking for additional equity/debt injection to move up to the next growth target potentially aiming public capitals markets career down the road its growth ambition.

DPRG, Cyprus domiciled, fully employs its IFRS audited balance sheet to anchor transactions with the highest intrinsic and execution value and would only solicit co-investment mandates for the projects with own value put at risk. DPRG treats its co-investment partners as equal and never applies management fees or built in charges, offering fair and transparent promote profit sharing structure after certain project performance criteria have been achieved. DPRG keeps close relationships with banks and buys NPLs off the banks books creating value in the projects otherwise frozen and in a need to rearrange equity sponsors and employ upper quality project management for revival.

parallax background

DPRG works closely with all types of asset servicing professional partners, like legal and financial firms/advisors, accountants, auditors, private and institutional industry leaders to generate deal flow as well as refer clients. DPRG promote profit sharing program designed to perform well rewarding third parties for client and business as well as deal flow referrals. DPRG work teams operate side by side with the co-investors/clients’ teams to arrange for ad hoc services needed for participation in designated transaction(s) in a timely fashion, such as:
  • - Legal/financial structuring for both equity and debt participation;
  • - Due Diligence;
  • - KYC/Onboarding and banking clearance;

Fair Treatment and Highest Ethical Standards in partner relationships are the key cornerstones to our corporate culture

The value of integrity resonates throughout our whole organization and is paramount to the way we go about our business.

Where we differ from most of our competitors is that we are a values' driven investment/wealth management business with a strong culture of ethics deeply embedded in the company and an unwavering belief that we should contribute value to the partnership based on the mantra of integrity, exceptional service and quality of financial advice. We care passionately about our partners and project co-investors and doing what is right for them.

We are widely recognized as leading practitioners in cross border financial planning/transaction structuring as well as providing financial advice helping bridge the gap between their financial needs and hard assets disposition in the UK, Continental Europe and CIS, including “paper assets” US exposure.

We have also earned a strong reputation as a "client driven" investment firm, which listens to and understands the individual needs of our counterparties and which will go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

We are very confident that you will be very satisfied with the financial planning, investments and value added project management services we are able to provide.