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Real estate & Hospitality

DPRG operates across all asset classes of Real Estate including Commercial, Residential, Retail, Entertainment & Leisure, Warehousing as well as Large Mixed Use Lifestyle Schemes.

Banking, Finance & Alternative Financial Services

We provide due diligence services, market analysis studies, competitive analysis studies, loan portfolio assessment, strategy formulation and implementation services. We facilitate all sorts of debt and equity (including mezzanine financing) financing using our wide network of banks with developed rapport and private equity partners. We manage a single strategy all-inclusive mixed public fixed-income and equity product for real estate equity release transactions as well as for cash liquidity awaiting private equity capital calls.With Cyprus being a major shipping and financial center in Europe, our Clients and Partners are involved in primarily shipping finance transactions, formations of funds and tax efficient holding structures. We invest in and package for co-investors and partners shipping buy and lease back transactions, securing long term double digit income stream, backed with the hard collateral(vessels), insured and financed by leading bulge bracket banks and operated by global navigation leaders.

Renewable Energy and Power

DPRG looks forward to the global change toward green energy and power generation and consumption and bases its investment approach on a multifactor model, carefully weighting pros and cons of new era energy and power generation with traditional fossil fuels. Only well-equipped and competitive projects get attention and win VC funding.DPRG follows the latest trends and maintains an advisory strategy practice in both the Renewable energy and Power Generation.

Technology and Digital

With Cyprus being a major shipping and financial center in Europe, our Clients are involved in primarily shipping finance transactions, formations of funds and tax efficient holding structures.

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We analyze your needs carefully

We know that no two businesses as well as no two investments are alike, and each faces its own set of challenges. That is why we work with each co-investor/partner to develop an optimum management and investment solutions based on their broader business objectives. To strengthen that effort, we have dedicated teams of professionals who specialize in specific industries. Our experts collaborate with organizations and businesses to identify and understand emerging trends. At the same time, much of our research focuses on understanding the challenges and potential prospects ahead, thus providing the means to capitalize on them and develop a custom sustainable strategy.

At DPRG, we stress specific emphasis working with business and project owners, offering tailored financing packages aligned with the strategic goals. We advise on the best market instruments available, taking a seeding role in launching them to the open float, collaborating hand to hand with the global investment banks. We know how to help to operate in the environment of financial distress and ready to deal with difficult business surviving issues, as well as taking considerations for an aggressive market positioning to tackle fast product expansion.


The Real Estate & Hospitality Industry represents the most traditional business focus today where DPRG employs its management skill and knowledge to achieve outstanding results. We deal with all asset classes of Real Estate including Commercial, Residential, Retail, Entertainment & Leisure, as well as Large Mixed Use Lifestyle Schemes.

Further, we deal across all developmental stages for Real Estate including Green field developments where we provide the full range of development services; mature yield bearing property assets, shopping malls, offices etc. We put a specific focus on finding distressed opportunities in either bare land acquisition or picking up projects lacking equity or in a need to be repackaged with the alternative best use concept. We co-invest and partner with a number of high class developers in Europe and in US to bring new projects to the market as well as redevelop obsolete industrial zones in fast growing urbanistic centers. When it goes to investments in real estate, we look for the projects where we may add value from either concept point of view or streamlining operations to optimize cash flow. We also see if we may bring financial synergies, providing bridge equity injections to resume construction/operations. For example, with our extensive past experience in Hospitality we offer full swing operations audit to bring up options for free cash flow upgrades should we encounter any underperformance. A key part of our Real Estate Business is Real Estate Finance & Capital Markets where we represent clients on Acquisitions/Divestitures, Financial Reengineering and Sourcing of Equity and Debt.

The traditional Real Estate Industry is now moving towards the development of connected lifestyle communities where green quality development coupled with state of the art smart services and infrastructure aim to develop new living and learning environments. On Hospitality, we bring hands on long experience again and cover hotel development, operations and financial reengineering. Experience with all types of tourism including tour operating, direct and online business. Hospitality encompasses city hotels, resort lifestyle hotels, condo hotels, boutique hotels, themed hotels and mixed use hotel venues. Increasingly Hospitality becomes an integral part of the integrated lifestyle developments with a diverse service offering.

Our main interest lies in assuming the role of Development Managers for large integrated mixed-use lifestyle schemes worldwide that incorporate the principles of sustainable green development and combine a plethora of Uses including Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Academia, Wellness & Wellbeing, Marinas and Sports & Fitness. We are currently active in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Banking & Finance

Our involvement in the Banking and Finance industry is mainly on Strategy and Financial Advisory. We help to fund and advice to selective transactions on bank led acquisitions and assist asset owners with network expansion strategies. We are able to source all sorts of mezzanine financing and find a right combination of equity and debt to finance projects at any stage of development. We provide due diligence services, market analysis studies, competitive analysis studies, loan portfolio assessment, strategy formulation and implementation services.

Further we act on behalf of our co-investors and partners for acquisitions of loan portfolios including NPL Portfolios. Full-fledged loan restructuring advisory services and financial reengineering for selective clients are also available, as we are able to provide funding through our investment partners and family offices network.

We also work directly with banks to take selective NPLs off the books to repackage projects with fresh equity, and execute exits to the open market. We work with major partners in bulk freight shipping, investing, and packaging deals for partners and co-investors to buy and lease back cargo ships, allowing for the fleet renewal. These transactions typically yield better yields than any public fixed-income instrument, while ships are fully insured and 60-70% financed by the banks, freight time fully leased out and residual value of scrap vessels allows for a safe and costless utilization after time served.

Finally, we offer full private banking as well as wealth management services through our partner-banking network both in Cyprus and overseas. We provide tailor made real estate equity release advisory services finding the best options available among US and European banks.

We offer a niche product, managing paper asset base (publicly traded fixed-income and equity) to generate additional passive income on pledged real estate both for individual HNW and for Institutional Partners on Cyprus and within a greater Pan European Region.

Renewable Energy & Power

DPRG invests in renewable energy and power projects as well as advises companies in the field on various finance related initiatives. We represent our parters in market expansion strategies and formulate entry strategies in primarily the Middle East and Africa regions.

We are also involved in alternative energy investments concerning Photovoltaic (PV), Wind and Hybrid Parks on both the development, financing and operations side through our partner network and affiliated investment companies.

We act as financial advisors for selective clients in acquisitions of PV and Wind Parks primarily in SE Europe in an effort to diversify their existing portfolios and achieve balanced longer-term returns. We offer due diligence, technical support services, financial valuations, closing services, tax efficient structures and asset management services. Markets of interest include Cyprus, Greece, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Technology and Digital

Our involvement in the Tech Industry is mostly though private equity as well as public equity investments. We analyze the most promising teams and companies at various rounds of financing, trying it identify long-term winners with the revolutionary product offerings. In the investment candidates, we look for particular technology implementation and research carefully end-user market for specific industry applications boosting long-term demand for the company’s product mix is limited to general consulting services on acquisitions and fund formations.

We also look for cross-border M&A opportunities and invest in the companies delivering services in less capitalized European markets in comparison with the US, the hottest tech market on the planet. With Cyprus growing as a major harbor for software engineering companies in Gaming, Casino and Entertaining and Leisure, we provide advice to the emerging global companies on their strategy steps for international expansion.