Santa Rosa Tower
November 6, 2014
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“To develop the most Innovative Lifestyle Marina Waterfront Residential Tower in Cyprus that will set standards of excellence in Luxury Lifestyle Living”.

A Marina waterfront lifestyle residential scheme that truly promotes the principles of lifestyle living on the Water with immaculate views!

The Project: Kition Lifestyle Tower
Year of Commencement: 4Q 2018
Type: Branded Waterfront Lifestyle Residential Tower
Building Coefficient: 24,000 m², GDV: €150 MM
Partners: Quality Group / AVG Capital Group;
Architect: LINK Design Group;
Project Components: Lifestyle Waterfront Residential, Retail & Entertainment;
Project Funding: Financing Structure in place;
Development Progress: Site construction commenced; Marina 1st Phase completed with state of the art yachting services on offer.
HOI Role: Project Investment Advisor


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