Limassol Blu
May 13, 2014
Tver Marina, RU
May 13, 2014
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  • TaskGeneral Project Advisor, Strategy Advisory, Market Studies, Concept Formulation, Brand Strategy, Debt & Equity Sourcing

To Develop the first Integrated Branded Lifestyle Eco Country Resort Retreat in Russia embracing a lifestyle built on Wellness, Tranquillity, Culture and Spirituality”. Spasovo Ecopolis represents today the largest planned mixed-use development in the Kaluga region and probably the largest eco-friendly development in Russia. The project is developed on the basis of a world-class sustainable Lifestyle Community through innovative eco-design built on the principles of tranquillity, green living and well being.

Spasovo Ecopolis represents a unique investment opportunity for both institutional and private investors since it allows participation in a modern and innovative mixed use lifestyle community in one of the fastest growing Russian regions The new development raises the standards of living to a new level while providing affordable lifestyle solutions at difficult economic times.