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August 13, 2014
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May 13, 2014
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Limassol Blu is a unique branded waterfront lifestyle scheme that consists of an imposing 30 storey landmark residential Tower, an independent 10 storey class A Office Tower and an invigorating retail, entertainment & leisure Piazza.The only one of its type and scale in Limassol seafront, only 50 meters from the water, in the most attractive location of the Limassol tourist zone. Limassol Blu is designed by an award winning design team (Benoy-UK, UDS-Cyprus) and represents today the most exciting waterfront mixed use scheme on the island..

The most innovative mixed-used tower in the heart of the Nicosia business district aiming to attract multinational corporate tenants and high-end commercial retail brands. The tower is being designed by Benoy, UK a living design and architectural firm worldwide.

    Total Limassol Blue (GBA) : 40,128 sqm Lifestyle Residences (GLA) : 18,108 sqm Office tower (GLA) : 5,260 sqm Retail (GLA) : 4,705 sqm Parking: 8,875 sqm Utility area: 1,000 sqm
    Year of Commencement: 1Q 2015
    Type: Branded Luxury Waterfront Mixed-use Lifestyle Scheme
    Plot Size: 2.6 Hectare
    Building Coefficient: 30,000 m²
    GDV: €200 MM
    Partner: CADS International / Financing Structure in place
    Masterplanner: Benoy (UK) / Local Architect - UDS
    Project Components: Residential, Retail & Entertainment, Office
    Development Progress: Full Studies and Masterplan completed/Investment Proposal Available
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